The 60% Solution

After some long and arduous decades of listening to the most distinguished newspapers, news shows, and assorted liberal media outlets denigrate and investigate mainstream and conservative Americans, their churches, beliefs, and way or life, some 60% of recent poll respondents say they distrust the media.

Man, was it worth the wait. Now is the perfect time for some healthy distrust of liberal news.

But even if 60% seems like a lot of people distrusting of the liberal media, take into consideration how many of your total population of Americans are moonbat liberals. That makes the 60% closer to 100% of normal people.

Toss out the perennial “undecided” voter for the empty headed tool he or she is and will always be, until Obama nationalizes their personal retirement savings to pay for ObamaCare, and forget the 22%-30% of Americans who are hopelessly liberal, and pretty much every person you see on the street finally gets it.

Thanks to new conservative cable news shows and Rush Limbaugh’s legion of listeners, to facts and real conservative discussion, we have turned the tide of sewage emitting from televisions and newspapers.

Now we have another job.

If in a few years, if we work at it, we can tag the elite Ivy League schools and billion dollar liberal non-profits with some well earned ridicule, scorn, and questions about where they get their money and what their real agenda might be. America may turn the tide of utter contempt the left has shown this country and a huge majority of people who love it and call it home.

We do not need any more “forward” thinking, programs, entitlements, spending, borrowing, or printing, let alone social engineering, to create a new, perfect, socialist man. Many a communist country has tried that and sacrificed millions of lives to try to make it come true.

We need to be left alone to our on devices and freedoms so everyone can prosper and help others in their own way.

Maybe the media and Obama will go down in flames this November together, as they should.

The alternative will be the incompetent, championed by the untrustworthy, attacking the productive, until nothing is left to fight over.