Judge Lewis: Two Classes Of Voters

Although the ACLU had some college kids step up to the plate and become Plaintiffs in a case to stop the word domicile from being used to vote in NH, they really had no case.

But they still "won."

Here is the wording of Strafford County Superior Court Judge Lewis in his “PROPOSED ORDER” of today September 24, 2012. It was basically taken from the ACLU verbatim:


Docket # 219-2012-CV-485


  The Court, having reviewed the record in this manner, finds that the Petitioners have demonstrated

that if the requested injunctive relief is not issued, they will suffer irreparable harm, that they have no

alternate adequate remedy at law and that there is a substantial likelihood they will succeed on the

merits of their case. The Court, therefore directs the Secretary of State to:

a: Strike from the new voter registration form the paragraph that states:

In declaring New Hampshire as my domicile, I am subject to laws of the State of New Hampshire which

apply to all residents, including laws requiring a driver to register a motor vehicle and apply for a Hew

Hampshire driver’s license within 60 days of becoming a resident.

(The rest is boilerplate and not worth printing here)

The Left in NH will not give up non-resident voter easily and at CNHT we were very sure this case would pop up in time for the November election.

And here we are!

Are you a NH resident who pays taxes?

Do you live in New Hampshire and have to obey the laws the Legislature passes?

Are you sick and tired of being cheated out of your vote and your Constitutional rights?

Well now is the time to start calling neighbors, putting up signs, making phone calls, writing a check, and helping conservative, Constitution defending candidates.

The next Governor and Executive Council will be appointing judges to replace some of the ones we have suffered under for too long.

You can be part of that process or let fall to out of state college students, liberal lawyers, and crooked polls who solicit out of state votes.

Are you ready?