Stretching One Statute After Another

Since the ACLU and the League of Women Voters argue that you can be a “resident” of New Hampshire and still hold and out of state license, and you can be “domiciled” here in New Hampshire for voting purposes, how do you explain the Motor Vehicle Laws?

Come to think of it, how does NH Superior Court Judge Lewis find there are voters who can vote here in NH and keep an out of state license?




Section 21:6

    21:6 Resident; Inhabitant. – A resident or inhabitant or both of this state and of any city, town or other political subdivision of this state shall be a person who is domiciled or has a place of abode or both in this state and in any city, town or other political subdivision of this state, and who has, through all of his actions, demonstrated a current intent to designate that place of abode as his principal place of physical presence for the indefinite future to the exclusion of all others.

Source. RS 1:5. CS 1:5. GS 1:6. GL 1:6. PS 2:6. PL 2:6. RL 7:6. RSA 21:6. 1981, 261:1, eff. June 16, 1981.


Title XXI

Motor Vehicles



Section 259:88

    259:88 Resident. – "Resident'' shall mean a resident of the state as defined in RSA 21:6, except that no person shall be deemed to be a resident who claims residence in any other state for any purpose.

Source. 1921, 120:6. PL 100:20. RL 116:26. RSA 260:35; 269-C:1, XII-a. 1977, 572:2. 1978, 40:17. 1979, 135:3. 1981, 146:1. 1985, 213:3, eff. Jan. 1, 1986.

"For Any Purpose"

Maybe its just me.

Maybe I lern't to read kinda clumsy.

Now if the Dems were in charge today, like back in 2006-07 when they gutted NH Election Laws, they could re-work these two statutes to have two classes of drivers as well as two classes of voters.

Guess they didn't have enough time.

Judge Lewis to the rescue.