How About Us Resident Non-residents? I Feel Harmed

Just a thought about thoughts:

If domicile is a state of mind in NH, as per the Secretary of States, I mean STATES because we are now the US depository for every other state’s voters who want to skew a NH election one way or the other, then “state of mind” should work for domiciled residents as well - to be constitutional.

In one election not long ago, 1,700 people registered on Election Day in Durham. Some unregistered right after they voted.

No problem says Judge Lewis, they were preventing “harm” to themselves.

And what would election officials do if voters from around the State of New Hampshire, say 2,000, or so, descended on Durham and “voted the bums out” to prevent harm to their watered down vote by non-residents?

Would Democrat poll watchers be delegated to the back of the basketball court a hundred feet from in-state non-resident applicants registering to vote in Durham, as was done to Republican poll watchers in 2008? Or would the new faces be greeted with resistance to “progress?”

How about this? If several years ago in Weare, voters from all across NH registered same day in Weare and voted to turn Judge Souter’s mother’s house into a Constitutional Park? That issue was on the ballot and only lost by 36 votes. They could all unregister the next week or so and comply with NH laws.

Oh, how would Bill Gardner handle that bit of “progress?”