Think Outside The Ballot Box

I did some research on this a few years back. It may be time to update my data. Here is where your State registration fees go.

Read on, readers:

Highway Block Grant Aid Funds (RSA 235:23 & :25) come from a portion of the total road

toll and motor vehicle registration fees collected by the State and given to municipalities for the purpose of constructing, reconstructing, or maintaining Class IV and V highways. These funds are apportioned to all municipalities on a yearly basis as follows:

Apportionment A: These funds are allocated from an annual apportionment of not less than 12% of the total highway revenues collected the preceding fiscal year. The amount distributed is based on one-half (1/2) mileage and one-half (1/2) population as the city/town factors bear to the State total.

Apportionment B: These funds are allocated from an annual apportionment of $400,000. The amount available to municipalities is based on a formula using equalized valuation and Class V mileage and is designed to give the greatest benefit to municipalities with low, equalized valuations and high road mileage.

Block Grant Aid payments are made as follows: 30% in July, 30% in October, 20% in January, and 20% in April. Unused balances may be carried over to the following municipal fiscal year.

I’m thinking local now so bear with me.

If the powers that be in Durham do NOT want non-resident voters to register their out of state cars in Durham and pay the state portion as well, then how about we drop the non-resident students from the so-called population of Durham?

Call it the Domicile Doomage.

If Durham needs thousands of liberal votes to keep any resident conservative minority hammered down and quiet in their burg and they are willing to forgo any municipal or state revenue, except to the precious college, why not drop the extra “free money” the rest of us were relieved of?

Why should the rest of us ride on bumpy roads?

Most college professors roller blade to work and the average commute in Durham is 15 minutes.

Come on, share the wealth.