Meet Taylor Pacheco

Back to the NH League of Women Voters v. NH.

Here is another Plaintiff, who could simply drive home to Ma. and vote, asking NH Judge John Lewis to re-write NH law and pretend words do not mean things so she can vote in NH:

13. Petitioner Taylor Pacheco lives at 68 Sixth Street, Dover, New Hampshire. She is 22 years of age and is a citizen of the United States. In August 2008, she came from 15 Kiah’s Way, East Sandwich, Massachusetts, to New Hampshire, in order to attend school at the University of New Hampshire. She expects to finish school in May of 2013 and currently intends to leave New Hampshire after graduation. She is licensed to drive in Massachusetts. (See appendix A-4 for sworn affidavit). She intends to vote in New Hampshire in the upcoming general election.

From the Massachusetts web site helping Mass. Residents determine domicile:

   Change in Domicile from Massachusetts - Contesting Domicile Audit

A change in domicile will not be accomplished by a temporary or protracted absence from Massachusetts. A taxpayer must not intend to return. To change domicile, a taxpayer must demonstrate that he has taken affirmative steps consistent with his declaration.

   A taxpayer's declaration of his intent will be subject to close scrutiny. One who asserts that domicile has changed has the burden of proving that fact. A number of factors will be considered in determining whether a taxpayer has changed his domicile.

   Factors to be considered, the taxpayer has:

•purchased or leased a new home or an apartment in the new location;

•moved his personal property to the new location;

•obtained permanent employment in the new location;

•canceled Massachusetts bank accounts and opened new accounts in the new location;

•sold real property in Massachusetts or canceled leases;

•issued address change notices;

•changed voter registration;

•obtained a driver's license and automobile registration in the new location

•changed membership in churches and clubs;

•in general, the taxpayer is involved in the new community.

The NHACLU and NHLWV needed some plaintiffs to help turn out the traditional non-resident college vote that is HEAVILY Democrat.

Too bad these few girls are being used by the NHACLU, NHLWV, and a liberal justice system.