A Few Things I Learned From The CommieVention

Obama gives himself and “incomplete” but it is more like “over.”

Democrats deliberately took the word “God” out of their platform. This is because communists run the Democrat Party now. What is so hard to understand about this?

The new Democrat platform drops support for Israel for the same reason. Find a communist who doesn’t hate Israel - this is not unexpected.

Democrat women apparently love men who assault and drown women.

Gas prices are irrelevant to an economy.

Abortion is more like total freedom, not killing small, mostly minority, children who have yet to be born.

Hussein and Castro are popular names.

A lot of reporters live in a bubble where facts may not enter.

Short fuses on liberals asked questions by the new media.

Sandra Fluke needs mustache wax now more than birth control. One may precipitate the need of the other some day.

John Sununu is in his element from dealing with NH liberals for so many years.

Mayor Booker could use hearing aids.

Governor Cuomo is smarter than I thought because he didn’t show up.

Not all people with highly toned arms can reduce the size of their giant keister.

30% of all voting Americans appear to be simply nuts.