Play Nice Thugs!

Caught with their political pants down this time, the Democrats who are attending the Democrat CommieVention used a voice vote to overrule the hard line leftists who drafted the Democrat Commie Platform. The draftees dropped the word “God” out of the platform, as it should be, and also stripped support for Jerusalem from the document to appease their anti Israel crowd.

Move along, nothing to see here, same old, same old.

But the angry leftists who run the Democrat party will not forget they were cheated by the other more sane/clever Democrats who were on live TV trying to put a happy face on the upcoming loss of the Presidency.

Oh how united the big yurt is today.

Events are unfolding so fast it is hard to tell which angry-crazies to watch at the CommieVention.

Not to worry - Bill The Peacemaker is ready to take charge (Where is his homely daughter by the way?).