I Thought "Father of the Year" Was a GOOD Thing, Silly Me

He is a confirmed adulterer, rapist, pathological liar, abuser of women who work for him, and just plain creepy, so naturally he is Father of The Year material.

He is Bill Clinton!

Some bogus non-profit has chosen America’s perfect dad to represent us all for 2013.

For tickets and a possible feeling up if you are a gal just contact: www.momanddadday.com.

The more I think about this award the more I think it should be re-named for what it is.

I would call it the “Democrat Father of the Year Award” because that is pretty much what it is.

With John Edwards coming in a close second, Elliot Spitzer right behind him and don’t forget how many votes Anthony Weiner got, The “Democrat Father of the Year Award” is more like it.

There might be a slight possibility that the international non-profit, accountable to no one, which Bill Clinton runs might have something to do with the very special award, but I could be wrong. There were probably no donations involved.

In any case, this years “Democrat Father of the Year Award” was given to Bill Clinton for winning several different categories:

For best overall lip biting during a rape.

Having a mistress for 12 years and running for President.

Showing your penis to an underling at a convention.

Losing a civil suit the same woman/mother.

Grabbing and fondling a woman who was simply asking for a job.

Getting oral sex from an underling in the Oval Office while on the phone with a terrorist.

And for not having a son so as to not get caught attacking any girlfriend he might have.

When you look at the categories Bill Clinton won his “Democrat Father of the Year Award” in – well who else could have pulled that off.