Its A Liberal Kind Of GOOD

Always on a mission to help my friends understand liberals, I look for shining examples that provide an insight into how they feel things out when they speak.

Enter Ed Rendell, Democrat.

What is Good about the slaughter of 20 little kids, according to his progressive philosophy, is how it will help pass gun confiscation.

That is what he is talking about!

Progressive agenda FIRST, children’s safety second.

Anyone who understands liberals and progressives saw instantly how satisfied many, like Rendell, were with the Ct. shooting by how fast they reached for the gun confiscation plans. No one knew anything about the event but liberals were hunched on their hind legs ready to spring. And they have not paused since.

Ed Rendell was the Democrat Mayor of Philadelphia where there is strict gun control so he knows how well it works – and even so, he is hell bent on getting some mileage out of this latest crisis.

His goal isn’t an end to violence or madmen with an agenda.

He is your typical liberal raised on the idea that only his guys, government guys, should have weapons.

Well, OK, maybe the Philadelphia Black Panthers, who he afraid of can stay armed. They guard the polls in Philly for him.