What A Yuck

And the New Hampshire baloney grinder gets cranked up again.

Pick up a paper, read a few blogs and you will see how our Secretary of State is looking out for us in his latest voter fraud investigation – of nothing.

Ohhhh, some letters sent to same day voters came back undeliverable. Big deal, that happens every election cycle and they find nothing because they look for nothing.


Here is the site to look up the 2006 voter fraud investigation. http://sos.nh.gov/2012ElectionInfo.aspx

Scroll down left side and click on '2006 Voter Fraud Investigation' and you will be sent to a PDF of a letter from 2007 revealing the “investigation.”

No where will you find that the Attorney General had so sent that lump, Bud Fitch, out to Keene to stop Election Law Committee member and State Rep. Chuck Weed, from handing out his own home made same day affidavits to six college students, we know of, to use instead of the legal ones.

It seems Chuck doesn’t like the perjury clause in the affidavit and made his own without one.

That is an election law violation, also known as voter fraud.

Voter fraud is also when the Secretary of State and AG turn a blind eye to voter fraud – my definition, how about you?

Spare us another investigation of returned envelopes Mr. Gardner and have the NH AG arrest the people committing voter fraud right in front of your face, please.