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A Statement From Obama Please

News reports have some Americans being held hostage in Algeria by Muslim terrorists.

From what I can fathom, Obama and Hillary have about 120 days to stall before people in this country forget about them.

It’s called, “The Benghazi Effect.”

Not very difficult thing to do with the help of the networks and main stream media.

I am always amazed that the victim’s families can’t even get attention.

You have to hand it to progressives. They know what a little, almost enough to live on, check from Uncle Scam will buy – amnesia regarding the plight of other Americans.

Forward to “CHANGE.”


Reader Comments (2)

Ed –
Hillary has a very important medical condition, dont'cha know. Somefin' 'bout a blood clout in her brain causing her to forget about bad things Moslems do on her watch. But I here she's wicked pissa smaaat cuz she went to one of those ivory towers where they throw egg-heads to the ground for all the kings horses to pick up the pieces to mold them in just the right fashion. FORWARD! March.
– C. dog breaking molds for decades
January 18, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterC. dog

Lard legs will be gone before the Benghazi Effect takes effcet but you get the point.

Stall, like she did with firing the White House Travel employees, then testified in pink.
Stall, like she did with billing records.
Stall, like she did with stolen FBI files on her enemies.
Stall, like she did with the loaned money for cattle futures.

Stall, stall, stall.

Come to think of it - she belongs in one.

(ed.dog defines the beast before her next move.)
January 18, 2013 | Registered CommenterEd Naile

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