And Inflation Isn't Here Yet

Well, it’s almost Friday again!

And we all know what Friday is. Friday is the beginning of the weekend, and for many people, who still have a job…payday!

Oh boy, payday.

But I have some news low information voters might not care for.

That $50-$70 bucks missing in last weeks check will be missing again.

That’s right. You are considered by Barack Hussein Obama to be “rich” because you are where the money is for ObamaCare.

Another surprise is in store for the low information voter.

This week Obama will take another $50 - $70 dollars out of your check and this will happen until it is time to take out even more. So consider yourself lucky.

That money missing from your check gets you absolutely nothing, nothing, by the way.

You are paying in 2013 for ObamaCare to start in the future because it is so unaffordable there was no other way to give you free government health care lines to stand in - and still keep it affordable.

Forgive the government-speak but this how Obama shows leadership to the low information voters like you.

(Just in case you didn’t know by now. The really rich people we took all the money from on Election Day – are still really rich. How’s that feel?)