Ever since the election I have been working on assembling a master list of New Hampshire progressives, for my own amusement, and I find a disturbing trend.

Liberals do not want to use their names.

What gives? Must I know a secret handshake to get recognized if I want to attend? Or wear a Palestinian head scarf? I have one.

Here is another example of come one come all anonymous:

Community Committee Against Gun Violence

Meeting TODAY in Plymouth

Host: Irene G.

Where: Starr King Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (in Plymouth)

When: Thursday, Jan. 17, at 6:30 PM

Can you come?
Click below for more details and to RSVP:

Yes, I'll be there!

I can come.

I can't make it.

Sorry, I can't make it, but I want to help end gun violence.


What: Yesterday, President Obama announced the most comprehensive national plan to reduce gun violence in almost two decades. Twenty-three executive orders to better enforce laws on the books to keep dangerous guns off the streets. A ban on assault weapons and high-capacity ammo magazines. Mandatory background checks for all gun sales. More than 200 Community Committees Against Gun Violence are meeting today to come up with a local plan for action to stop gun violence, and there's one near you. Can you join us TODAY in Plymouth?

Sorry, but I want to know who wants my guns and ammo to be attempted to be taken away by some government pant load.

“Irene G.” isn’t much help. So I went looking at the Universal Unitarian Something group where she is holding her gun-grab-fest. (The U.U.’s seem more interested in homosexual marriage than guns but…)

Irene has no problem using her name involving her position as Head Honcho of some enviro-Luddite organization called, PAREI Energy Exchange.

But an invite to a liberal moonbat political meeting opposing the Second Amendment and she becomes “Irene G.”

I thought the progressive winners in a national election would want everyone to know who they are?

Maybe she is a State employee? Could that be it?

I don’t know. It is all so puzzling.

Ed N. signing off.