At Least The Haters Get it

Once again, Congressman Paul Ryan has a moment of weakness and goes to the Obama shindig.

And he gets boooos for his effort.

Some people never learn.

You do not belong there. It is not a regular crowd of Americans. This is the Hard Left celebrating beating an opponent not a peaceful transfer of power or something to be proud of. These people hate your guts.

This is an event for the winners and your side did not win – stay home.

Maybe, just maybe, Congressman Ryan will have a moment of clarity some day and recognize what is going on.

The ginning idiots spread out before you operate on a progressive/socialist/Harvard Marxist agenda.

They are still living in the ratcheted up hate of the campaign.

You serve no purpose being there except that I now know you are unprepared to deal with this crowd.

Time to grow up or get out of Congress Mr. Ryan.