It only took 21 days!

Granted, I have not been in the diner as much as usual but this morning an Obama supporter was grousing about how his son, an employee of a local municipality, had $70.00 bucks lifted from his paycheck.

It was like Christmas in January for me.

I got to gloat, slightly, about how that would happen every week until – well forever, because that is how we tax “the rich” in this country - one blue collar worker at a time.

But don’t worry.

That seventy bucks will seem like nothing in a few years when you get FREE health care, paid for by “the rich.”

Let’s see: $70.00 times three weeks so far = $210.00? Could it be that by the end of the year you would have donated $3,640.00 towards punishing “the rich?”

Boy is it expensive to teach “the rich” a lesson with your Obama vote.

And here is the kicker:

The retired father of this young family man, out $210.00 so far, says to me, just like you knew he would, “Well both sides are to blame.”

Hey, whatever makes that sting feel better.

Damn that George Bush!

Now that was worth $210.00, right?