Incompetent Fool

Americans just paid a substantial amount of money to fly Bill Clinton’s pathological power vacuum partner (different than wife) all over the world, as she posed as the US Secretary of State.

And sure, people under her charge were murdered in Benghazi needlessly in the face of a botched response and failed security system to begin with.

Hillary has stalled this hearing beyond the 120 day “Benghazi Technique” so the public would have time to lose interest but she still has to face up to some Republicans who possess more questions than testosterone.

And as part of her weaseling out of responsibility for what she is clearly responsible for, she faced the wimpy horde armed with some 2016 campaign photo-ops.

The interesting pre-planned answer she had ready for special delivery was interesting to me at least:

‘We Have Four Dead Americans…What Difference at This Point Does It Make?’ (120 days)

She may be right if this latest rant was her political swan song, but it isn’t.

So here goes:

Lard Legs was co-president during the botched Clinton Team effort to teach the little, ramshackle church in Waco Texas a lesson. Her team murdered almost 80 men women and children by setting the place on fire, much as Mayor Wilson Goode did in Philly to a group of black squatters, burning down several city blocks and all the evidence.

That incident looks like it didn’t have much of an effect on Hillary, or Bill.

Previous to Waco was Ruby Ridge, where her crack team murdered a mother who was holding her baby. A professional federal sharpshooter agent did that with a sniper shot. A jury set the husband free. He won a subsequent civil case.

So what, lets move on is the Clinton motto.

But couldn’t they even remember that the date the Waco Texas murders happened was on April 19?

April 19, 1995 a crazed bomber, seething from the Ruby Ridge and Waco fiascos of the Clintons blew up a Federal building in Oklahoma. He admits that is why. There is no doubt.

But Hillary forgets or, as I suspect, isn’t smart enough to remember.

Somehow this fool works her way up the liberal Democrat ladder, sucking up any and all prestigious positions the Democrats can hand her until she becomes the figurehead vacationer in chief.

Now one would think, upon the slightest of reflection, that September 11 just might be a day to pay attention to in the way of security – after having your ass handed to you on April 19 twice.

But no, Lard Legs just blunders along, disaster to disaster vacation, to next buffet, to next power Democrat position, blissfully unaware of anything going on – unless it is to advance her career, over our dead bodies.

Incompetent Fool.