I Can See A Caboose From Here!

Hurry up and invest in a boondoggle before it’s too late!


There are several ways to get something, anything, done in politics, the old, “Now is our last chance” trick is very popular.

That is where the Nashua City Council is as of now regarding a passenger train fiasco in the making. They are poised to by land for the station!

They need to get started on something no one has approved of or voted for. And it must be done in a hurry so as to not miss out on the chance for “free money” from the feds – like education funding for special ed. – where the Nashua City Council must think taxpayers went to school.

Anyone in Nashua have a figure on how much ObamaCare will cost you this year, and forever? (Ooops, I am beyond the scope of this fiasco, sorry.)

Back to the free trains from Boston to Nashua.

So before a plan for commuter rail is in place, or funding is in hand, Nashua will buy some land for about $1.4 million dollars. (follow THAT money)

Check out this logic:

“Admitting the purchase is a risk, Lozeau said it is an opportunity that should not be overlooked. She said the city can lease two buildings on the property while the rail attempt moves forward.

Local resident Bob Burgess said he was strongly opposed to the land acquisition, arguing a park-and-ride lot should be located closer to the highway and not in the center of the city.

"This isn't serving the city any good," he said, urging aldermen to wait until the rail study is complete to determine whether a train station would be feasible. "I think we are jumping the gun."

You know what all this means in “municipal-speak?”

Bob Burgess is a knuckle-dragging, anti-tax, TEA Party, purveyor of negativity.

In reality, the smartest guy in the room – isn’t on the City Council.