From My Chubby, Don't Giva Damn Hands...

If anything has “dried up over time” it is California Senator Diane Feinstein.

She lives in a state where she has no fear of losing power so she is free to tamper with constitutional rights at will.

Her proposal exposes all the concerns of gun owner and patriots regarding government attempts to confiscate guns from citizens and criminalize their ownership.

I have a nice “farm patina” .22 rifle made by Sears in 1972. At the time it cost $19.95. Now it is worth a bunch of money because it is “tube fed.”

I can slip 24 .22 shorts in the tube and it will fire as fast as you can pull the trigger. It is semi-automatic.

There is no way I would ever give this gun to any government pant load.

Australian friends of mine told me, back when their country took advantage of a crisis, that government agents came to their houses and cut their guns up with carbide saws. One guy, Kerry Head, said he watched his grandfather’s shot gun get cut up.

That will not happen here in America.

No, wait, I may be wrong.

That won’t happen very long in America or you will see a reverse crisis.

If Senator Feinstein wants to go for the third rail and drag some other moonbats along, be my guest.

Her pal Barack Obama garnered something like 7 million votes less than he did in first coming, with a billion of traceable and tons of secret non-profit dollars spent.

The next election may look like it is a slam dunk from the Organizing for America perspective – but the public will know who you are next time.