Go Fish

I have been to the Pa. Sportsman Show and it is huuuuuuge.

It put the H in huge.

But some British firm putting the event on wanted to be politically correct and not involve any guns the Democrats hate.


And now it has been cancelled.

Thank you sportsmen!

There are plenty of things to do in February in Pa. than go to the sportsman show.

Dig out the voter checklists in your towns and cities and start finding enough fresh faces to offset the voter fraud in Philly and take your state back from Obama.

Start now finding places for headquarters in the next election, grill candidates, primary any hapless bastard that doesn’t get it, and try winning.

At the very least make it very, very expensive for the socialists to campaign in Pennsylvania.

How much do you thing these Second Amendment sportsman’s show producers lost in 2013?

Millions, and millions is a good start and a hard lesson.