Let's Move On - Sound Familiar?

Understanding the world progressive create to live in has no better example than Chappaquiddick, but this one is a close second.


The Jon-Benet Ramsey case captured media attention for the longest of time. I know, I almost gave up cable TV over it.

For those who do not remember, a little abused girl was murdered in her home by a family member who faked some sort of letter to escape being caught.

Her mother killed her, the father knows, and the poor little brother has to live with this.

All that aside, here is the real story.

It now comes to light, just in time for no chance of criminal responsibility for anyone involved, that the Grand Jury did find evidence to indict someone in the family for the murder of this little girl. But the District Attorney refused to prosecute.

This is all very predictable if you know the players.



Two guys in Boulder know how the game is played, Alex Hunter, the DA who left Ramsey off the hook, and a local talk radio personality I heard on Fox News explain it all so effectively.

Here is what he said, from my memory:

“You have to understand, this is Boulder, Colorado, a liberal town. We don’t hire a district attorney for how many people he will prosecute. We hire a district attorney for who he WON’T prosecute.”