Look This Gang Up

Organizing for America is the vaunted Obama election machine Republicans are so afraid of and many voters are disgusted with. Remember, Obama got millions of votes less this campaign than his first time out. That has to confuse him.

Now that Obama can not run for President again and the next presidential campaign has begun, his Organizing for America machine is going through some non-growing pains.

Organizers want the stooges who were involved before to pay their own way this time under a new name, "Organizing for Action." Let's see how that works out, liberals doing something for nothing!

Organizing for America had thousands of "volunteers" who were really on sabbatical for up to a year from jobs at large non-profits, Federal Government jobs, and colleges.

OFA campaigners travel state to state, year after year, working to elect left-wing socialists and Obama progressives. Often they come back to states they are familiar with and pick up where they left off. The money that supports them can not be traced because it is hidden under layer after layer of non-profit accounts.

Obama thinks he can pick and choose candiates from the left in all fifty states and provide expert help to them with his new and improved, pay your own way, Organizing for Action crowd, thereby ensuring control of Democrat primaries and final elections.

It will be tougher to do it without the power of the Presidential Purse - so watch who Obama supports in 2016.