"Mobile Imbicile Voters"

A week ago Friday I was down in Lexington Ma. as a guest speaker for what is the Massachusetts version of Grover Norquist’s “Wednesday Meeting.”

This was my fourth trip down there and they say I hold the record because it seems the Massachusetts activists love to see the voter fraud evidence from NH, inside NH political intrigue, and all things Granite State. I have also been invited to do some Ma. talk radio (Hope we take calls.) and a cable TV show from this event.

It is always fun to have people come up and ask about their former neighbor who moved to some town in NH. Most often that person is now a good example of what we need more of – an activist for smaller government.

I was telling them about the court case where a superior court judge granted an ACLU/League of Women Liberal Voters petition that essentially sets up dual citizenship for voting, presumably college students only, not summer people who own NH property and who might vote for my causes.

No sooner did I get home than I got my notice from the Strafford Superior Court that the final hearing will be July 3, 2013.

I have 15 minutes.

At least I get that.

Think of all the out of state tuition college student voters from out of state who will be denied a chance to go to the hearing because they will be back home – where they live, and pay out of state tuition from?

How unconstitutional to set a date for an event the people most effected can not attend.

In Durham alone about 7,000 non-resident students – from out of state – will have to sit across state lines watching helplessly as their right to vote in NH and pick and choose which place they can cast a vote more effectively – hangs in the balance.