Stop Clinging To That Armchair

Obama has an agenda against football?

Gee, who have thought?

But then again, this is the second shot at “change” you can believe in.

Many of us knew there would be “change” and what was in store. Rush was the first and foremost to out Obama, Hannity came in a close second, Peggy Noonan sold out even before the votes were counted.

And here we are, round II.

Obama didn’t run on reforming American football, but hey, if you’re on a roll and nothing to lose, why not?

In a recent interview Obama was concerned, like a father of all of us, about football head injuries – not so much his Secretary of State head case.

I think I know why Obama has it in for football. Look who he surrounds himself with?

Most of his thousands of Organizing for America paid activists have similar life experiences in their backgrounds, college degrees in something political, environmental, or completely useless.

Many OFA activists have held jobs with non-profits, Soros funded schemes, the government, or various socialist candidates all over the country.

A year of paid overseas travel is a must for any Obama campaign staffer, regional director, college recruiter, environmental issue expert, area spokesperson, or nursing home troll.

But the one consistent thing you find in Obama’s campaign people is interesting – participation in non-contact sports. (Like Fergus?)

Track and field, swimming, rowing, tennis, anything sportsy that does not involve an elbow in the face is found in the Organizing for America staffer background.

This interested me a great deal because I have always noticed that true, unabashed liberals, many of them lawyers, have lived a life where there were no consequences for their actions.

These are the type of people who talked back to parents, threw temper tantrums – and still do, never took the answer “no” from anyone, any time. I know this because at my ripe old age I have seen people I know grow up like this and what they are like as adults – or as people living in an adult world.

I have even tested my theory by asking some progressives a simple question: Have you ever been in a fight? That answer is almost always a sound, NO.

This is the world of contact sport for liberals – politics and or law.

Watch some tiny, male, pony-tailed lawyer strut around a courtroom telling obvious lies to win a case, with no repercussions - nothing worse than a bold punk.

Take an out of state, college degreed, smarter than anyone in the room, campaign worker like the Organizing for America crowd sends here to NH.

Because their interpretation of right and wrong includes whatever they think is good for them, a campaign of lies is as good as it gets.

What would we dumb, local hicks know anyway?

Maybe they will find out when people who live in NH correct the situation in 2014.