Love To Say, Told'ya So!

Liberal noise maker David Brock was so fearful for his life he had a male assistant carry an unregistered gun to protect him in Washington DC.

That’s right, one of the most progressive, Second Amendment hating, Sorta-males (different from Alpha –males) in DC had a friend hold a gun for him. (Didn't a Democrat Congressman do that not long ago?)

Just as I wrote a few blogs back, don’t think for a moment anti-gun nuts are not packing heat every time they get a chance.

The liberals in DC are just like the New England liberals I am used to and they all have the same nasty habits.

The nice part is that Brock was wetting his pants for months hoping this would go away like a Hillary scandal, but no such luck for Brock, “friends” at Media Matters ratted him out.

No, there will be no arrest, David Gregory was holding the magazine for Brock. That makes it progressively legal in DC.