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Love To Say, Told'ya So!

Liberal noise maker David Brock was so fearful for his life he had a male assistant carry an unregistered gun to protect him in Washington DC.

That’s right, one of the most progressive, Second Amendment hating, Sorta-males (different from Alpha –males) in DC had a friend hold a gun for him. (Didn't a Democrat Congressman do that not long ago?)

Just as I wrote a few blogs back, don’t think for a moment anti-gun nuts are not packing heat every time they get a chance.

The liberals in DC are just like the New England liberals I am used to and they all have the same nasty habits.


The nice part is that Brock was wetting his pants for months hoping this would go away like a Hillary scandal, but no such luck for Brock, “friends” at Media Matters ratted him out.

No, there will be no arrest, David Gregory was holding the magazine for Brock. That makes it progressively legal in DC.

Reader Comments (2)

C'mon Ed –
D.C. is a scary place, a dangerous place. A place full of large, lumbering RINO's, Moonbats flitting about faux sun-gods, and Limo-libs careening down the alleys. Why, with all those R & D hogs ravenously pushing their way to the trough day and night, it's entirely possible than an effete lisping fantastico performing his antics in front of a live studio audience could fall prey to their glutenous ways – and become the meal, rather than the puppet master. Given his soft muscle tone, and uncalloused dainty fingers, is it any wonder someone carries a big scary bang-bang for him? Just look at all the hired fire power for BozO and His Insane Clown Possé so he can strut like a peacock to the White House. Ain't Amerika Grate!
– C. dog luvs a good RINO and donkey show
January 29, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterC. dog

I don't know about DC on a regular day but the last time I was there I was with Mike Biundo and Matt Murphy.

We were all wearing dark suits. and quite frankly, looked like the Mob or some seurity team was in town.

I should have had a picture taken.
January 29, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterEd Naile

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