Could We Have A Para-Military Police Department Problem?

While the uninformed and politically motivated are wringing their hands over the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting and discussing ways to disarm people who had nothing to do with this event it might help to find out why it took fifteen minutes for Newtown Police to arrive.

Driving directions to Sandy Hook Elementary School, 12 Dickenson Dr, Sandy Hook, CT 06482

From: Newtown Police Department, 3 Main St., Newtown, CT 06470

1. Head northwest toward Main St - 131 ft

2. Turn left onto Main St.  - 0.3 mi

3. Take the 1st right onto Church Hill Rd. - 1.5 mi

4. Continue onto Riverside Rd. -  0.2 mi

5. Turn right onto Dickenson Dr. -  0.2 mi

Destination, Sandy Hook Elementary School will be on the left.

Just asking why in a town of 28,000, with an average household income of $119,000.00, the police force had so much trouble showing up.

Press reports say 15 minutes was how long it took to travel 2 miles to an emergency.

That is a long time and it doesn’t make sense.

Adam Lanza is also reported to have shot his mother with a 22 Marlin rifle but most new stories only mention “assault” weapons.

I saw a lot of military style Ct. police swarming all over the school on television that morning, loaded down with all manner of what looked like automatic weapons. That may have been handy if there were more that one deranged killer.

But it still begs the question. Why was there not a police officer on site withing several minutes?