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Couldn't We Just Have A Judge Just SAY It Means This?

Let us therefore amend our fine NH Constitution the old fashioned way.



RELATING TO: bribery and corruption.

PROVIDING THAT: no person incarcerated for a crime, under a conditional release from incarceration, completing an order of restitution for a crime, nor any person who has been convicted of intentional murder shall hold any office of trust in the New Hampshire government.

SPONSORS: Rep. Baldasaro, Rock 5; Rep. Itse, Rock 10; Rep. Tamburello, Rock 5; Rep. Renzullo, Hills 37; Rep. Dumaine, Rock 4; Rep. Tremblay, Rock 4; Rep. Kappler, Rock 3; Rep. Groen, Straf 10; Rep. Tucker, Rock 23; Rep. W O'Brien, Hills 5

COMMITTEE: Election Law

New language:

or is incarcerated for a crime, under a conditional release from incarceration for a crime, completing an order of restitution for a crime, or has been convicted of intentional murder.

Don’t get it?

It certainly looks like we have to amend our Constitution to make it perfectly clear that in the future when Democrats get another convicted fraudster elected to the Legislature, they can be removed. With crystal clarity – because, apparently, it wasn’t clear before Democrat Stacie Marie Laughton was elected to the NH House of Representatives as a man in transition and woman who was found guilty of credit card fraud.

This seems to suggest that Stacie Marie Laughton WAS ejected by Democrats from her lawfully attained seat in the House – by her own Party. The party of equality for LGT individuals that runs fellow democrats out of office before they start.

Oh no!

This is before the Election Law Committee.

In my dealings with them I have run into voter fraudsters and Ma. residents posing as elected officials. This committee is stacked with people who are currently gutting the last of our election laws.

A fine group to judge Stacie.


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