Democrats Chalk Up Another Win!

Democrat Homosexual Activists Get Their Wish!

The NH Attorney general’s Office has made some sort of decision/opinion/guess, that Stacie Marie Laughton has not finished her sentence for credit card fraud so she has been stripped of her Nashua Selectman’s seat.

NH Democrats got Stacie to quit her Nashua House seat right after winning it and before the NH AG letter. Good for them, bad for the transgendered Stacie who liberals tossed under the bus and backed over to make sure she was gone.

My question is this:

Stacie is supposed to be the quintessential liberal Democrat: transsexual, liberal, on welfare, and a felon. But Democrat activists rejected her immediately after she won her second election when all they needed to do was pay off her old fine and get on with her holding office and getting re-elected until Hell freezes over.

Governor Lynch needed a chief of staff during his first run for office and had a $110,000.00 UNH employee put in 40 a week working for him in Concord. That was no problem because taxpayers covered that.

Democrat homosexual activist and democrat party Chair, Ray Buckley, is pulling down a huge annual “consulting fee’ from Democrats so he has time to run their slime the opponent machine.

Even Hillary had a benefactor loan her $10,000 to get into cattle futures so he could pay off her losses and she could keep the winnings and get a financial leg up.

So some Democrat couldn’t pony up a couple bucks to keep a solid, liberal, hard working transgender candidate in several offices?

They couldn’t pass the yogurt cup?

Democrats are always getting free legal help from leftie lawyers with socialist agendas.

One of the first things you learn about liberals when you get into politics is what hypocrites they are and how their limited ethics and morals are strictly situational, but taking out a transgendered Democrat for no reason at all shows how shallow and deplorable these people can be.