Did They Try And Confiscate During Prohibition?

I have been thinking about all this gun confiscation background noise liberals are ginning up. There are no real definitions that suit everyone for the many types of guns out there in America.

We have your standard “assault weapon” moniker, the “military style” description, and the “scary gun” category.

I have a small arsenal here at the ranch. I have no registered weapons I know of, having bought none at a store - nor will I ever if I have a choice.

I am not a pistol guy so I do not collect them. I have one that dispatches sheep and pigs quite well at butchering time.

I have a Ruger mini-14 with a collapsible stock, muzzle flash reducer and a standard rifle stock so it looks like several different guns depending on what it is set up with. With the wood stock it looks a lot like my Ruger 10/22. Both are semi-auto.

My Ruger Model 77 is a 243 caliber laser beam – gnat nuts at 200 yds..

I bought a Mossberg 835 last fall that takes 3.5 shells for turkeys.

My favorite around the ranch gun is an over under .22 mag/20 gauge. That thing is handy because I have a five shell elastic holder on the stock - several slugs and some #6 shot fills it quite nice.

But the one gun I use the most is a Chinese air rifle, with a scope; for the chippies. I used a 200 shot can of .177 this year alone. I’m thinking of drilling a 3” hole in the stock to hold the ammo can so I can reload faster rather than keeping a dozen pellets in my mouth when sneaking around the barn.

And I have a bunch of other guns stacked here and there.

But the best description of all of them, no matter what the size, caliber, style, age, or current use is probably a description we all have to get used to.

They are all, one way or another, “militia weapons” just like the US Constitution describes – every last one of them is a militia weapon if need be. That is what the Founding Fathers intended. That is what we have. I know that is what I have.

I think that is what drives socialists and moonbats crazy.

They just don’t want to admit it.

And if liberals think they are going to go around America confiscation guns, they must really be living in some sort of a compartmentalized time warp bubble.

The rest of America is not Chicago, San FranSico, New York, The District of Corruptia, or any given college town.

The rest of America gets it.

(Go try and buy some ammo!)