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Oh So Brave

Now that liberal Democrat State Senator Martha Fuller Clark is back in Concord she is supporting a bill to grant freedom to some slaves who were held in NH in the late 1700’s. The slaves wrote a letter to the NH Legislature asking for help gaining their freedom and were essentially ignored.

This is an issue ripe for the Democrats who complained bitterly about Republicans and their social issues putting aside things like job creation, and more funding for everything.

Here comes Martha!

This is a nice safe bet for her. Martha wants to look like she would have been on the side of the slaves had she been around to champion their cause in 1779, a true equality hero who risks nothing.

How about this, Martha can apologize right now for supporting abortion as she has all of her political career. That would be a truly brave and human thing to do.

A hundred years from now when people will hardly believe that America once supported killing innocents simply for convenience, sex selection, lack of responsibility or political purposes. If she did that Martha might look like a hero now and actually risk something.

Now just she looks like a liberal putz.

There goes Martha!


Reader Comments (2)

Not to mention one of the first things they did was to dissolve the Redress of Grievances Committee. Yes we know, that was so they could prevent the redress of CONSERVATIVE and LIBERTARIAN grievances, not those of native Americans.

Funny those democraps eh?
January 13, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterWar on Women
Dems fought to keep slavery in the 1800's and now they are champions of fighting the last vestages of it in 2013?- except for the type of welfare slaves they control in 59 Phliadelphia Wards which voted 100% Obama.

Always changing thier names from things like liberal to progressive so as not be called communists or socialists, which they are.

Never ending re-writing of history to suit their needs.

Liberal Dems, the moving target of lies.
January 14, 2013 | Registered CommenterEd Naile

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