Face It, You Can Get High On Hate

Cynthia Chase, liberal gum-flapper and Democrat State Rep. from the college town of Keene, NH has a simple solution for people she hates – drive’em outta the state!

To understand Cynthia, beyond simply looking at a picture of her and reading her deeply held opinions regarding her position as an elected progressive official, you have to understand that Cynthia Chase’s statements are what smarter progressives think but never dare to say out loud.

In New Hampshire we just survived one of the more ugly elections in recent memory. Liberal Democrats spent a lot of time slandering the Republicans who just spent two years paying for the $800,000.00 deficit left by Democrats the last time they were in charge of spending.

Progressive Democrats use scare tactics such as “Republicans want to take away Medicare” on the elderly and “Republicans want to outlaw abortions” on single women.

I know what the Democrat campaign was about because I am a registered Democrat and I get their mailings and phone calls.

Here is one of Cynthia’s problems now that she is in power.

All the hate and anger used to attack Republicans during the campaign has no where to go. She won and the fighting is over.

Democrat State Rep. Cynthia Chase has no idea what it takes to run a state or create a state budget. She only knows what feels good and that is attacking her opponents. She is like one of those drunks who can not leave a party that was long over. So in a weak attempt to continue the high of the election victory she keeps spewing hate.

Unfortunately, Chase said out loud what she was supposed to keep to herself.

When Democrats took control of the State of NH in 2006 they quickly began dismantling our election laws. You can no longer find out who is voting in NH, where they really live, where they came from, their age, a registration card, or even see a signature.

Right before this last election a Superior Court Judge named Lewis, granted the League of Women Voters a petition to allow “mobile Domiciled” college students, who pay out-of-state tuition, to vote in NH instead of legally voting in their home state.

Democrat Rep. Cynthia Chase is a beneficiary of many of those votes in her city of Keene, so this hater is not quite a real state representative, although she holds that title and has no qualms about doing as much progressive harm to NH as possible.

Cynthia Chase is what I like to call a progressive “Dirty Bird.” That is the best description of a person, like her, who, not long ago, fouled her former nest, Rhode Island, and flew here to try and foul our home.

Rep. Chase is so typical of the hard left Democrats the party seeks out to fill the NH Legislature. Many just moved here.

She has taken the Democrat spending pledge and the homosexual marriage pledge.

I’ll bet the Democrat Party has already made her pledge to keep her mouth shut from now on unless she has been cleared for launch.