Bang, Bang, Thud

Didn’t take long for Gabby Giffords to hustle herself over to a still grieving Sandy Hook now did it?

I was listening to the Wall Street journal Report on the radio last night and the guy who does the interviewing was about orgasmic over Giffords and her astronaut husband getting started in the gun control non-profit business.

For her new non-profit Giffords has no specifics, no plan, no format, no direction, just a desire to be involved in a conversation which should involve matching the NRA’s spending. I did glean that out of the story.

And as always, money and politics are hand in hand. (I'll bet the Brady Family $ is happy to have some competition.)

The WSJ Report interviewer had a professor from some college in Chicago on to explain the Second Amendment.

Two of the professor’s points:

1. Deciding limits on things like gun ownership is part of a “democracy.”

I guess Mr. Professor lives in a democracy - on campus.

2. That you have freedom of speech but can’t yell “fire” in a movie theater.

Funny how the professor didn’t quite understand that if I don’t yell “fire” in a crowded movie theater – I still have the right to be at the movies.

His gun control solution seems to be that if there is a chance some lunatic would yell “fire” that we should simply not go to the movies. That is total academic progressive thinking/feeling for ya.

My solution to the current debate on gun confiscation:

If you are opposed to the Second Amendment you may not state that opposition out loud, in print, or whisper that opposition to another.

Just a slight tweaking of your outdated First Amendment rights should solve my problem with your dislike of my rights.

Fair enough, let’s move FORWARD!