When you look at the issues Obama ran on for his second shot at our country you might notice gun confiscation is missing.

Obama campaigned on the idea his investments (spending) on environmental Ludditeism would continue to drive the economy. Only a person with a Harvard degree would believe that.

He also wanted to invest in education and infrastructure (shovel ready) to spur the economy. We weren't readl last time maybe now?

Don’t forget a two state solution to destroying Israel. All progressive want that!

And some other stuff any socialist who dislikes America would want.

But no, you will not find the anti-Second Amendment agenda on Obama’s list of things he planned to do. Not BEFORE the election. (Like Lynch and homosexual marraige.)

So as we blather on about guns, we are all supposed to ignore the cut in pay 77% of Americans will see this week, 8% unemployment, borrowing .46 cents of every vote buying borrowed dollar, or that we are the laughing stock of the world.

Not they matter any longer, but there are some supreme court doddering fools to be replaced with younger, even more activist liberals.

Not to mention the fight over the bankruptcy ceiling.

And we have a military to gut, if there is time.

Should be an interesting Obama second term for the Republican Establishment to sit back and watch as they try and figure out how to come up with another even more moderate candidate for 2016.