The Mind Is A Twitter Thing To Waste

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, here is a shrink who can pinpoint Obama voter’s problems.

Apparently, Yuppies make bad parents.

Who would have guessed that!

The public schooling kids these days get for “free” is worth what they pay for it. But the self esteem is off the charts. You can’t buy that kind of self-love. It has to be injected day after day by professionals.

Compound self absorption by empty the nature of the internet and there you have it, kids living in a dream world until they are 28 – 30, or until they are finally off dad and mom’s insurance.

The saving grace in this evolution of the American tofu species is that – ready for it – they will be easy to push around when the crap hits the fan in this country. And that is not going to too far in the future.

Imagine a whole clump of the population who - can’t change a tire, never shot a gun, can’t grow a garden, do not own tools, think the government will always be there for ya, never saw a callus, and who are chock full of empty.

Throughout history dictators have been able to spot people like this and exploit them, much as Bill Clinton could spot a potential groupie in a crowd.

And in the end they will all wind up getting the same treatment.