I'm From DemocratCare And I'm Here To "Help"

Sign up with this lefty? No thanks!


Mariann White, so-called Democrat Care Navigator, is just another liberal activist looking to beef up the Democrat Party database with your health information.

Just look at the contacts on her LinkedIn page. They are a list of left wing Democrat activists and partisans.

She is a democrat activist and little else:


If you give one detail about yourself to any of these DemocratCare data-miners they will use it to sell Democrat policy and candidates and sell it to like minded left wing groups.

Look at any “news” story in any left-wing paper or media. It is all the same:



Think about this – seriously!

If this health insurance scam called DemocratCare was put for totally by Republicans would you give all your health information to Karl Rove?

DemocratCare was adopted – unwritten, unexplained, undecipherable, and totally by Democrat votes. It is what it is – a Democrat campaign and election tool.

Don’t be stupid.

Don’t give any personal information to a progressive campaign hustler.