Nashua Paper Shills For Voter Fraud Again

Once again the Nashua paper fails to ask the questions that would expose voter fraud – they have been doing this since 2001 that I know of.

Here is the scam:

An out of state campaign worker steals a NH vote from the home of a NH resident, usually a liberal Democrat like State Senator Martha Fuller Clark, or in this case a Nashua activist and Democrat candidate Latha Magiputi.

Then into the mix comes the pro-voter fraud excuses from the Nashua Moderator and some person in the AG’s office to make excuses for the out of state voter.

You would think they would tire of this game but no, winning elections for progressives is way too important than clean elections.

They cling desperately to some worn thin half truths about NH election Law.

Here we go with that nonsense from the AG cover up of State Senator Clark’s four non-resident voters the Nashua paper uses in this story:

In August, Attorney General Joseph Foster’s office ruled in a very similar case that there was no evidence of voter fraud. The case involved four Obama campaign workers who lived at the home of State Sen. Martha Fuller Clark, D-Portsmouth, prior to the 2008 and 2012 elections.

“While working and living in New Hampshire, these individuals established a physical presence at 152 Middle Street in Portsmouth, which continued for several months,” wrote Assistant Attorney General Stephen LaBonte. “There is no evidence to conclude they falsely claimed New Hampshire as their domicile at time they registered to vote.”

Here is some evidence the Clark and Majiputi non-resident Obama campaigners clearly stole a real NH citizen’s vote. It is from the often quoted, partially, State Supreme court care Newburger v. Peterson:

“We are sensitive to the compelling need "to preserve the basic conception of a political community". Dunn v. Blumstein, supra, 92 S. Ct. at 1004. But the challenged New Hampshire law forces persons who are in every meaningful sense members of New Hampshire political communities to vote in communities elsewhere which they have long departed and with whose affairs they are no longer concerned, if indeed the former community still recognizes the right.”

This means that none of the out of state Obama campaign workers voted in NH legally because none of them gave up their citizenship of their former state.

And the NH Attorney General knows this full well or he or she should go back to law school.

Here is Alysha Tierney’s Linkedin page showing she is a professional campaign worker from Massachusetts:

And now you know why the Democrats, back in 2006, changed the voter registration forms to eliminate the public portion of the form that showed which state the non-resident voter come from.

But hold on NH voters!

Our little band of voter fraud challengers will keep exposing illegal, non-resident voters in the different ways in which they steal your votes.

Next, the Nashua paper will have to explain how people who moved out of state can still vote from the home they left years ago.