And Our AG's Always Run For Office!

Looking at this Florida voter fraud conviction from across the border here in “voter fraud free” New Hampshire, one has to wonder.

Shouldn’t any state that prosecutes voter fraud be entitled to the Presidential Primary instead of one that refuses to prosecute the simplest cases of election law violations?

In the Fla. case above, a team effort to win elections through cheating was uncovered, investigated, and prosecuted.

All the convicted person, Jeffrey Garcia, did was acquire a couple hundred absentee ballots with the intent to use them to help his boss, Fla. Democrat Rep. Joe Garcia.

When you read down to the end of the story it looks like the Democrat Congressman also was involved in a scheme to illegally fund a rival Republican’s primary opponent. That issue is still pending.

If the prosecutors in Fla. used the “New Hampshire Example” all they had to do was let the absentee ballot thief go free with a simple letter saying what he did was “highly irregular – but not illegal.”

That is how, in 2005, the NH AG let a Bedford School District Clerk who set up an illegal polling place, all by his lonesome, at the Bedford Town Dump walk away from charges for attempting to influence a special election.

The “Lump at the Dump” put up a card table with an accompanying sign that said “vote here today 9 – 3” and was illegally handing out absentee ballots.

How do I know what he was doing was illegal?

Section 671:21

    671:21 Absentee Voting. –

    I. A school district shall provide for absentee voting in the same manner as towns as provided in RSA 669:26-669:29 except that all duties performed therein by the town clerk shall be performed by the school district clerk.

    II. Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph I, if any school district votes to elect its district officers by separate ballot at the town election as provided in RSA 671:22, II, then for either the town election or the school district election an application for an absentee ballot shall be sufficient in order to receive an absentee ballot for both the town election and the school district election. If a town adopts the provisions of RSA 671:22, II, all forms relative to applications for absentee ballots, all absentee ballots, and all returns of absentee ballots shall be made only available at and only returnable to, as applicable, the office of each town clerk of each town comprising the school district.

    III. Each town clerk shall make facilities in the town clerk's office available for the school district clerk to perform school district functions in connection with absentee voting. It shall be the duty of the school district clerk to post a notice at the school district clerk's office informing voters that all absentee voting procedures for school district elections shall be handled only through the town clerk's office.

Source. 1979, 321:1. 1983, 102:1. 1997, 176:6, eff. Aug. 11, 1997.

Nothing in this statute allows a school district clerk to set up a card table at the dump – with the intent of turning out enough voters to have made this particular bond vote legal. This bond vote, in the 2005 election referenced, needed a 51% turnout because it was not sanctioned by a superior court.

So just as Mr. Garcia was trying to steal an election to get his pal elected, “The Lump at the Dump” was trying to steal enough absentee votes to legitimize a special bond vote.

CNHT reported this incident, with photos included, to the NH AG and they did what they always do if it is the interest of liberal or tax and spend issues – they passed on their obligations.

Welcome to the end of the NH First in the Nation Primary scam. Sooner or later national figures will figure this state out and stop coming.