Compassionate Socialism

Ho humm… the natural progression of all things progressive:

In Belgium they are now lurching towards euthanasia for children – like that wasn’t the goal from day one.

You could time these socialist plans with a stop watch, except they never stop.

Abortion on demand for sex selection, euthanasia, single payer health lines – all the standard stuff.

But to try and sell the idea that child euthanasia is being considered is such a load of crap. That was the plan all along. They call it “incremental” heavy on the “mental”.

In any socialist country you have a defined amount of wealth to redistribute. And if there is one thing all socialists understand it is that you need to get yours first – and the less competition for redistributed wealth – the “wealthier” we all are.

It is a simple formula that hasn’t worked for hundreds of years.

So gather around the crib people, and watch as the “enlightened” ones take charge.