If You LIKE Your Voter Fraud - You Can KEEP It

How’s that for a sales pitch!

Everyone will be happy.

“If you LIKE your NH voter fraud – you can KEEP it!”

I just want to get along with everybody.

Most progressives like voter fraud because it primarily helps them and their constituents who have no qualms about using it to gain an advantage – Saul Alinsky would be proud.

There is a level of Republican who fears stirring the voter fraud pot will only crank up the Democrats and make them harder to submit to.

I get that.

But what about the average Joe’s, the 60% - 70% of Americans who want clean elections, how about them?

I say we make everyone happy and simply pursue NH’s non-resident (mobile domiciled:) voters in their home state where they are legally domiciled.

Some states have passed photo ID and want to protect their new/settled laws from Eric Holder and other Marxist leaning progressives. This will hand the smart states the names of residents of their states who vote in NH – showing why photo ID is a good thing.

Here is the simple fact check list:

If you vote in NH from your home state where you are legally domiciled, NH will not prosecute you.

But when The Coalition of NH Taxpayers sends your home state evidence that you voted here – they just might. In any case, interstate voters will receive some deserved publicity.

How fair is that!

Roll the dice – register twice! What could go wrong?