Progressives Need To Look In The Mirror Once In A While

I think it is high time Obama got into the remaking of America in every way he dreamed about in college.

Oh he is going to initiate single payer health lines, register and seize private firearms, make the rich pay their fair share, pay reparations to blacks for slavery and all that, but first he needs to change the Washington Redskins name.

A community organizer - with a plan.

Hopefully, Obama’s agenda of “change” will include one of the most racist historical locations in America – Faneuil Hall in blue blood Boston.

It was a slave trading market given to the city by a slave trader whose father was also a slave trader.

Nowadays Faneuil Hall is little more than a tony tourist trap – but a progressive one!

I say, “Off with its name!”

If the Oneida Indians can’t survive another day with the name of a football team ringing racism in their ears how can a Hawaiian like Obama live with Faneuil Hall besmirching Boston’s fine, progressive history, like that of Speaker Tom Finneran convicted of lying about gerrymandering minorities out of power in the 2000 redistricting plan for Ma.


“The plaintiffs in the voting rights lawsuit ultimately prevailed: the three-judge panel concluded that the 2001 Redistricting Act violated § 2 of the Voting Rights Act by diluting the voting power of African-American voters. See Black Political Task Force v. Galvin, 300 F. Supp. 2d 291, 316 (D. Mass. 2004). Of relevance here is a footnote in the panel's decision that stated: "Although Speaker Finneran denied any involvement in the redistricting process, the circumstantial evidence strongly suggests the opposite conclusion." Id. at 295 n.3.”

Obama, always looking for racists to punish, picks a football team name.

Not fit for Prime Time.