Eye On Nashua!!

Oh boy! Have we got ourselves a situation in Nashua?

It looks like the Nashua Police department tried to put the Chicago strong arm on the Mayor, Donna Lee Lozeau, along with her husband David. And it has backfired to some extent.

For now we know the Nashua Police put a tap on the Lozeau phones and got nowhere with their “investigation,” which was based on a questionable informant, against Mr. Lozeau.

Here are some stories from the Nashua Paper – for what they are worth:



Knowing that the NH AG is involved with the Nashua Police phone taps of the Lozeaus, that found nothing, brings the same old element into this mess – the potential for the standard NH cover-up on behalf of the police.

The Lozeaus seem to be properly outraged, the Nashua Police look guilty of abuse of office, and here comes the NH AG’s Office.

Fresh from the cover-up of the Bedford fiasco where a Manchester member of the police force ran over two teenagers, left the scene, was drinking, on the phone with someone who needs to remain nameless, the NH AG’s Office is treading on thin ice this time if they want to “exonerate” the Nashua Police.

How will they attempt pull it off?