Money Can't Buy You Out Of Armageddon

Have you seen the doomsday bunkers Google executives are building along America’s coastline?

Ya think they are using a cubit as a measurement?

When the planet’s most left wing set of elites start building secret housing for the upcoming disaster they see my small stockpile of stuff doesn’t look too bad.

Here is what will go wrong with the communal disaster bunkers.

I used to buy the communal living magazines in the various NH malls just for a laugh until the magazine store became the dodo bird of the mall experience.

What do you think the moonbats who wanted to live in communes wrote about the most in article after article?

Come on, you will feel foolish when I tell ya.

Here it is – conflict resolution.

No, how to store food, fix things, make small buildings, keep livestock, raise vegetables and tofu – not much of that, conflict resolution was the number one issue lefties had to deal with - comes with the beast.

So I hope Google can build something big enough to house people who do nothing all day but dream up ways to control other people, have ego problems and don’t take kindly to being told what to do, should be interesting, as most communes are short lived adventures.

Me, I’m not interested in the Google Arks. I have some small animals, a patch of land, sharp tools and a bunch of friends. That should outlive the Google gaggle of commune schemers.