Caution: Moonbat In Charge

We are slooooowly coming to the meat of DemocratCare and as with anything designed in Washington DC by the elite overlords one must look at their over “education” for it to make sense.

Enter DemocratCare fabricator Nancy-Ann DeParle

And you guessed it. She was indoctrinated at some of our finest institutions of failure, Harvard Law School being just one of them.

Don’t forget Oxford. Oxford is where Bill Clinton hung out.

She is a Rhodes Scholar. How could anything she created go wrong – all those brains.

But as with anything a person from academia is involved with, focus on liberal fantasy outweighs function.

Should we attempt to implement all the crazy stuff we used to talk about in our dorms, now that we have power, or should we do the task at hand and possibly good got people other than our social equals – hmmm, let’s see.


Task – find a way for the little people we were destined to rule to get some health care.

Problems an elite academic may encounter in this real life situation:

1. Overcoming the fact that is not the governments’ position to be strapping a health care plan to the back of every person in America.

2. How to do this and make the nasty insurance companies pay for their evil profit intentions.

3. Find a way to collect all the data on every person in the country for the Obama Master List.

4. Hire like-minded elites who will not rat out anyone responsible for our plan if caught.

5. Deny, deny, deny.

6. Blame, blame, blame.

7. Go back to teaching at university.