Bashiiiiiir -Madness

Oh Martin, you stepped in it again, you’re one more lefty lunatic who has been swallowed hook, line, and sinker into the jaws of Palin Derangement Syndrome.

Saul Alinsky should have written a follow-up book about how to deal with a person of integrity who is not afraid of demonization. This partially explains Martin Bashir not knowing what to do with his supposedly simple-minded target.

Governor Sarah Palin was supposed to have been disposed of a long time ago but somebody left the screen door open and she is back doing what she has always done, putting the complicated into uncomplicated terms. “Death Panels” come to mind – bang, boom, done, over, she nailed it.

Martin Bashir, formerly of ABC, NBC, now with MSNBC, and apparently using LSD, lost his ability to steer in a sane direction when a key word came out of Sarah Palin’s mouth at a speaking event she was attending.

Sarah Palin said the liberal fighting word: slavery. That word sets moonbats tongues  and keyboards a flitter.

Martin Bashir was so hopelessly overtaken by false outrage he set upon the inferior Palin with a brief moonbat history lesson about slavery.

The title of his rant: Maybe someone should sh*t in Palin’s mouth.

And as an example of how slavery works, Bashir brought up the punishment a slave owner named Thomas Thistlewood used on his slaves  - in Jamaica in the mid 1700’s.


Is that the best you can do Martin?

Thomas Thistlewood was a British subject, much like yourself, metering out a punishment you currently suggest should be applied to an American you disagree with?

Jamaica was a British Colony starting in 1655 when your country of record started bringing slaves there to work on sugar cane plantations – much like the British brought them here and introduced African slavery to the mainland of what would become the United States.

Maybe Bashir should have picked a better example of the horrors of slavery than one of his own country’s making.

Our Founding Fathers recognized the evil of slavery when they created our Declaration of Independence and Constitution in an effort to cobble together enough states to free ourselves from your British slave trading empire.

England finally abolished slavery in 1833.

I imagine Sarah Palin can explain this to you in really simple terms if need be.

She meant that leaving crushing debt to future Americans in an effort to fund failing entitlement programs we “enjoy” now makes future generations slaves to that debt.

But we must forgive Martin who has had a bad week of two watching his beloved DemocratCare go down in flames as - Sarah Palin predicted.