Ma. Voters Should Stay Away From Ward 4 In Dover Next Time Around

Welcome To Ward # 4 In Dover NH

One of the attendees, Dave Scott, at my voter fraud workshop in Rye last week has put pen to paper – trail.

Atta boy Dave!

He sent first class letters to Ward #4 voters from the November 6, 2012 Presidential Election and a lot came back. He has them.

So he informed the election officials that they are required to purge the names of people who are no longer living in Dover.

Dover officials are now on notice they have an obligation to check names on the voter lists of people who have moved.

In 2014, Dover resident Dave Scott of a stand-in, can check who is voting BEFORE they vote with his list of voters who do not respond to first class mail.

This is how one person can make a difference.

Dave’s letter:

Draft of Dover City Council resolution to purge of Dover voting rolls.

Whereas in ward 4 in October 2013, a first class mailing to 600 voters on the voting rolls resulted in 82  envelopes being returned by the post office to the candidate for the ward 4 council city with the front of the envelope stamped, no such person at that address.  The 13.6% of envelope returns on this partial sample of the ward 4 voting list is cause for concern about the accuracy of the voting lists in ward 4.

Whereas it is in the interest of every Dover resident that there are no individuals on the voter list that do not reside in Dover. Nonresident voters in our election could distort the will of the people and it will cast doubt regarding the fairness of our election 

Whereas  we read in the 22 November 2013 edition of the Union leader that a resident of Carver, Ma. for over 20 years, voted illegally in the ward 9 Manchester election of 2012.  Voting illegally is stealing a vote from a legal resident and is a class B felony carrying a jail sentence.  There is evidence of similar vote fraud in Portsmouth where 5 out of state individuals provided the address of a local state Senator as their official resident. 

Whereas there will be important elections in September and November of 2014, the City of Dover should take action now to perform a purging of our voter rolls so the vote of each Dover resident is not offset by those voting illegally.  As per RSA 654:44, and RSA 41”46-a “the supervisors of the checklists shall send notice by mail to the last known address of the person”.

Be it resolved that Dover should take action in the next two months to purge their voter rolls. A simple way to verify that a voter on the voter roll is still a Dover resident at that address a first class letter can be sent to the address at which that individual is currently registered

An initial appropriation of $5,000 should be allocated at this time to the office of the city clerk to purchase stamps to mail 10,000 first class letters from the City Clerk’s office to the current registered voters in wards 4, 5 and 6.   

Those letters returned by the post office to the office of the city clerk should become public records and as per RSA 41:46a and RSA 654:44 those letters should be forward to the “Supervisors of the check lists”

Of those wards and would be the evidence required to those voters those addresses on the voter rolls. 

One month after this action is taken on this step one a second and equal appropriation should be made to purge wards 1, 2 and 3. 

Whereas improper voting destroys confidence in our democratic process this expenditure is a small amount to pay to provide confidence to our residents that our voting procedures are closed to the voter fraud that can result from people that are not residents in Dover of capturing the names of those no longer residing in Dover but still registered and vote in their place.


Relevant statute:

654:44 Removing Names from Checklist; Notice Required. –
I. The supervisors shall remove no person's name from the checklist of their town or ward unless they shall send notice by mail to the last known address of the person whose name they wish to remove from the checklist stating the reason they are considering removing such person's name from the checklist. Such notice shall also state the time and the place at which the supervisors shall meet to consider the removal of that person's name and shall give the date of such meeting which shall be at least 30 days after they send such notice.  (ed. Note: RSA 91-A) At such meeting, the person whose name the supervisors wish to remove shall have a chance as he or she wishes to state in person or to present in writing personally, or by mail or other messenger, or by any such combination of these as the person chooses, the reasons why his or her name should be left on the checklist. The supervisors shall not remove a person's name from the checklist until after the completion of the written or oral statement, if any, of the person whose name they wish to remove from the checklist at the meeting held at least 30 days after they sent the notice this section requires. The supervisors shall retain a copy of the notice in accordance with RSA 33-A:3-a.