Earn Your Votes

I’m having some trouble understanding the hype about Scott Brown running in a Republican Primary – in NH.

There are sightings of the former Ma. Senator all around me but I have yet to see him. I never saw him in my trips to Ma. when I meet with like-minded small government groups there.

I heard Scott Brown on the radio, spotted him on Fox news and that is about it.

On the other hand, I have known Karen Testerman who is running for the same spot in the NH Republican Primary for about 20 years or more, same with Jim Rubens. They both put in the hours at small events and know the political landscape here from years of activism.

Say Scott Brown is asked an insignificant question about New Hampshire in relation to the Federal government’s actions in this state. I know Karen Testerman could quote chapter and verse about something that costs NH taxpayers a fortune in secret spending – no longer public SPEDIS Numbers that identify anonymously, students who receive Federal money through promised matching funds to our local schools. Special education spending is hidden from taxpayers here because a NH court ruled in reverse of what the Federal law intended.

How would Karen Testerman know this?

She took a case, pro se, to the State Supreme Court to open special ed. spending records in all our schools to the public eye. That takes guts. And it takes an eye for where targeted actions by a US Senator could benefit taxpayers here by putting language in the Federal law that specifies SPEDIS identification numbers are public like they were intended. By identifying by a simple number how many special ed. students are in a school budget without the old excuse of “We had some new transfers in.” line you get from school administrators, taxpayers could see if that was true. It’s a simple thing but very important because so much of our tax dollars go to these mandated but un-funded Federal programs.

Scott Brown may get lots of press travelling around our state and I glad to have him back here.

How about paying some dues before jumping in a race as important as a US Senate seat?