Up Is Down, Down Is Up - And All My Opponents Are Racists

NY City is a bastion of  leftists and has little stomach for people who do not fall in line with upside-down group-think – typical socialist behavior.

And here we have a "candiate" for Congress from NY who is running against slave-holding pedophiles!


Good for him, I thought. Finally, someone is going to do something about Woody Allen.

I should have known he meant Thomas Jefferson was the guy he is running against. Woody will probably vote for this communist. My bad.

In today’s world of Alinsky worshipers any progressive worth his rant has to sell the idea that America imported slaves as part of its founding principals.

But most Founding Fathers were British subjects at one time and it was an accepted fact that slavery was part of the Colonies before the idea of an independent America made up of slave states and non-slave states came along.

No one on the Left is still insanely angry and still fighting Great Britain (Ended slavery there in 1833), Portugal, Spain, or the Dutch for bringing slaves here.

None of these countries write our welfare checks. This means that stirring up the race pot with divide and conquer communist tactics makes Thomas Jefferson the prime target of the know-nothings as opposed to  the reality of slavery in America.

You know that Washington DC allowed slavery until the Civil War?

New Hampshire ended slavery in something like 1783.

Maybe this NY slavery fighting communist candidate for Congress should be mad at the right target.