Duck, Here Comes Phil

It must be that time of year for homosexual news.

Here we go again.

There is a cable TV network named A&E which stands for “Anus & Entertainment” from what I can determine, and they have a problem with a guy who has a very popular show they sell to the public. It is a family show.

Now what in the world A&E thought they were doing when they sold this program is beyond me. Maybe they thought it would make the duck hunters who star in the series look like hayseeds. That blew up in their faces when the show started gathering about nine million viewers a week.

Then, as could be predicted, a star of the show said something he believes. The network has a big problem on their hands, it was perceived as anti-homosexual.

My, oh my, he needs to be punished – then destroyed. That is the usual destiny for anyone not towing the homosexual line in the new America progressives are building.

But this lowly hayseed fella is a multimillionaire with a tad more business savvy then A$E will ever have and he just doesn’t give much of a damn.

So the logical conclusion – other than which body parts the hayseed knows most people, along with himself prefer, would be to hold A$E accountable for homophobia and demand cancel the program as soon as possible.

If the militant homosexual lobby wants revenge and punishment for saying something verboten on television then go after A$E for goodness sakes.

Now that is a show I would relish watching.

And I will never tune into A$E again for my part.