Chicks With Axes

Well it looks like a short run for my friend Tina Scheer on NatGeo’s “Ultimate Alaska Survivor” show. A 62 year old guy on their three person “woodsman” team went down with a knee injury on last night’s episode.

Here is some background:

I worked with Tina for about ten years on the “Stihl Timbersports Series” and she is a survivor for sure, running a summertime lumberjack show in Elsworth, Maine called the “Great Maine Lumberjack Show.” She even let me throw an ax a couple times at her venue once when I stopped by.

Tina was our stage presence who would keep the live audience engaged between heats while we were changing wood, events, and various stands for the different competitions.

Web site here:

Tina is one tough competitor and businesswoman. She has run a fishing guide business in Minnesota, the lumberjack show in Maine, a woman’s woodsman team that goes international, and somehow winds up on show like Survivor Panama and this most recent program.

I recommend anyone heading up to Maine this summer stop and see Tina’s lumberjack show off Rt.1 in Trenton.

Tell her Ed Naile says Yo Ho!