Do It In Front Of The Children - That's The Ticket!

There are lots of ways to get married these days but this special event was just made for this couple!

Imagine getting married on a parade float. That says something special.

And a special couple they are.

Meet two guys from California who need some special attention for their wedding:,0,1994835.story#axzz2oyeQ0wvv

And why is it so important to get hitched on a parade float at the Rose Parade?

This is so simple it is almost not worth mentioning but here goes – because other people’s kids will be watching!

How great is that, and how predictable.

It is the same reason several transvestites wore women’s hot pants so they could dance in front of other people’s kids in a small parade in Alabama. It’s a captive, target audience

They pretend they are cutting edge but are so predictable it isn’t really news, its crossed over to boring.

I know of a male transvestive "dance team" that would gladly appear at this wedding and spruce it up a bit for free – on the float of course.